The Nanofiber Research Group at GPU focuses on polymer nanofibers produced by electrospinning. We aim to develop nanofibers as drug delivery systems (DDSs) and formulation platforms in the fields of pharmaceuticals, foods, and cosmetics, and to identify and help develop practical applications through industry–government–academia collaborations.

Discovery and development of
polymeric materials for nanofiber substrates

We are working on the research and development of polymeric materials suitable as nanofiber substrates in the fields of pharmaceuticals, functional foods, and cosmetics. We aim to elucidate the physicochemical properties of polymeric nanofibers prepared from polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and other polymeric materials that have excellent biocompatibility.

Development of solid-dispersion
nanofibers to improve the solubility
of poorly water-soluble drugs

We are developing a solid-dispersion system using polymeric nanofibers for poorly water-soluble drugs. We are also attempting to establish a formulation platform that can improve the bioavailability of drugs by utilizing core/shell nanofibers prepared from emulsion electrospinning and coaxial nozzles.

Nanofiber application as a formulation
technology for new modalities such as
biopharmaceuticals and
nucleic acid medicines

The electrospinning method can directly solidify liquid raw materials under mild conditions without the use of heat, which is useful in formulating unstable compounds, such as biopharmaceuticals and nucleic acid medicines. Polymeric nanofibers are currently being developed for sustained release formulations of biopharmaceuticals and intracellular DDSs for nucleic acid medicines.

Development of noninvasive DDS
formulations utilizing nanofibers,
such as transmucosal and
transdermal administrations

We are investigating the application of polymeric nanofibers for oral, inhalation, and other transmucosal formulations through appropriate engineering. We are also developing topical formulations of nanofibers for ocular tissues and skin.
The research group is an industry–academia collaboration between Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and Gifu Pharmaceutical University to drive research toward the practical application of pharmaceutical nanofibers as advanced drug formulations.